1. Delivery is only available within Metro Manila Philippines

2. Delivery is dispatched upon completion of verification process; delivery lead time is as follows:

  • Regular Delivery: 2-5 Days

3. Upon delivery of item, the cardholder should present the following:

  • Receiver's Valid ID
  • Confirmation Email

4. In the absence of the cardholder, an authorized representative may receive the merchandise provided the following will be presented:

  • Confirmation Email
  • Signed authorization Letter from Cardholder 
  • Clear copy of cardholder’s valid ID with photo and signature 
  • Clear copy of representative’s valid ID with photo and signature

5. Anson's shall not be held liable for non delivery of product due to the following circumstances beyond Anson’s control and its Logistics:

  • Unavailability of cardholder or authorized representative 
  • Incomplete or incorrect address 
  • Force majeure or act of God including calamity or bad weather condition, strikes, etc.